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About us

Melting glaciers, warming oceans, spurring wildfires – the climate crisis is here and it is for real. But all is not lost. It is in our hands to keep its effects to a minimum and we have about 10 years to do so.

How? Reduce and avoid emissions as much as we can – and where we cannot, remove carbon from the atmosphere. In doing so, we are breaking with the decades-old habit of extracting evermore fossil fuels from our earth and are actually reversing the flow of greenhouse gases. Sounds revolutionary? That’s because it is!

As Europe’s first dedicated CDR startup accelerator, we kickstart this Carbon Removal revolution by providing climate entrepreneurs the tools, expertise, networks and funds needed to build the Oil giants of tomorrow – just without the oil.

Building products, technologies and companies takes time – a resource that is scarce in the fight against the climate crisis. It is our mission to use the little we have and spend it on solutions that can deliver real and significant climate impact. We want to help the carbon removal pioneers bring CDR out of labs into reality and access this multi-trillion dollar business opportunity.

Join these pioneers and profit from our diverse expertise and engaged ecosystem: From startup founders and coaches, physics PhDs to CDR policy experts, we will support you in accelerating your business, technology and impact. With our systemic, science-based and no-nonsense approach, you have an opportunity to realize legit impact in the biggest challenge of our time – and build a business doing it!


Meet our partners who help us realize the Carbon Removal ClimAccelerator.

The Carbon Removal ClimAccelerator Team

Meet our team of climate tech entrepreneurs and investors, startup coaches, scientists, sustainability consultants and carbon removal experts who will support you in launching the carbon removal revolution.