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We appreciate that you are working on Carbon Removal and are interested in joing the Carbon Removal ClimAccelerator program. In order to select the most promising teams for our program, we kindly ask you to fill out our online application. We look forward to getting to know you and your CDR solution!

Your application will be treated confidentially. Still have questions? Check the FAQ or contact us directly.


Please note the following pre-requisites to be eligible for acceptance into the Carbon Removal ClimAccelerator program:

  • All teams need to be located in Europe.
  • All teams need to be formally registered businesses by the end of stage 1 and should not have been incorporated for more than 5 years. 
  • All teams need to work on CDR, be it by developing solutions that will eventually be able to realize CDR credits or solutions that solve market problems in the CDR space, e.g. a CDR marketplace or a MRV system. Part of your business may include emission avoidance and reduction; however, CDR needs to be front and center of your solution. Please consult our CDR page to ensure that your solution is in scope of the accelerator program and take advantage of the option to schedule an informal info chat with our team.
  • Teams are not former EIT Climate-KIC Accelerator or ClimAccelerator program participants.

Application process and timeline


Applications for batch 4 will be open in spring 2023.

Introduction call (online): TBC

After all applications have been screened, the most promising startups will be invite to a 15-minute-long introduction call with the accelerator team

Admission results

Bootcamp (online): TBC

Intensive training to kick-off the programme. It is mandatory to participate by at least 2 team members.


Most frequently asked questions

Do I need to have a co-founder?

Ideally yes. However, if you are currently a sole founder you are still eligible to apply. We will expect you to be open to finding a co-founder within stage 1 of the accelerator.

I am working on an emission avoidance/reduction solution, am I also eligible?

No, this accelerator purely focuses on carbon removal through either nature-based, hybrid or technological solutions. If you work on mitigation activities you will not be accepted into the programme.

Does my company already need to be incorporated?

No. However, after stage 1 we expect you to be fully incorporated. In addition, we can accept teams who have been incorporated for less than 5 years.

Will the activities take place in person or will it be virtual?

Currently all activities are scheduled to be virtual. However, if and when COVID settles we may consider a hybrid version of the accelerator.

Will each company reach stage 2 of the accelerator?

No, there will be a selection after each stage of the accelerator. Each team will have to pitch in front of a jury and only a selected few will continue to stage 2.

Do we have to upload additional materials in English?

Yes, we only accept max. 2 minutes pitch videos and additional documents (optional to upload) in English.