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Accelerator program

One year of acceleration for your CDR startup

Building a startup is a challenge – no matter whether you are a first-time founder or a seasoned veteran. Entering an opaque CDR market that is evolving at an unprecendent pace does not help, either. At the same time, we do not have a lot of room for wrong bets. We need CDR solutions to be developed and scaled as soon as possible. This is why we have set up the Carbon Removal ClimAccelerator.

We support you in building, validating and scaling your CDR solution to maximum climate and business impact.

In 12 months of our virtual three-staged program, we help you develop and increase confidence in your solution, win customers and employees, validate your climate impact and secure funding. As accelerator startup, you can profit from our diverse expertise and deep CDR ecosystem reach: From experienced entrepreneurs and startup coaches, Physics PhDs to CDR policy experts and climate tech investors, we are there to support every step of the way.

The cherry on top? You get up to 25.000€ in grant funding! At the end of every stage, your team will present the progress you have made and pitch for progression into the next stage and for receiving the stage grant.

Program structure

Stage 1: Fundamentals (5.000€ grant)

Stage 1 is all about the basics: What problem are you addressing and is it relevant from a business and systemic climate perspective? We will get you accostomed to working with hypotheses and help you (further) acquaint yourself with the CDR space.

Stage 2: Validation (20.000€ funding*)

The core of the accelerator focuses on your solution and how it addresses the problem you intend to solve. We support you in validating your product or service techno-econimically and from an impact perspective, showing first customer traction and forging initial partnerships with relevant ecosystem players.


*Upon acceptance into Stage 2, accelerator participants that receive funding in Stage 2 will have to sign a Service-for-Equity-Agreement (SFEA) with our main sponsor Climate-KIC. Currently, this instrument is not finalized yet and does not affect your participation (including the 5.000€ grant) in Stage 1. More details will be provided within the program.

Stage 3: Scale-up

With a validated problem and solution, things are set for scaling up. Stage 3 focuses on identifying routes-to-market and scale, potentially together with further ecosystem players. As scaling-up likely requires further resources, teams are also prepared for the fundraising process, both private from investors and public from grants.


Program highlights

  • Virtual one-year accelerator program focused solely on CDR
  • Up to 25.000€ in funding
  • Dedicated 1-to-1 coaching by experienced startup coaches
  • Technology and climate impact validation with experts and scientists
  • Expert workshops on all things CDR
  • Deep CDR Ecosystem access to prospective customers and investors, service and technology providers
  • A group of fellow dedicated founders looking to kickstart the CDR revolution