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Kickstart the Carbon
Removal Revolution

We are looking for bold European climate entrepreneurs to lead the carbon removal industry.

“It’s 2022 and the world isn’t getting cooler — now is the time to develop and accelerate proven solutions”

The climate crisis is here and it is real – but all is not lost. It is in our hands to keep its effects to a minimum and we have about 10 years to do so. How? Reduce and avoid emissions as much as we can – and where we cannot, remove carbon from the atmosphere. In doing so, we are breaking with the decades-old habit of extracting evermore fossil fuels from our earth and are actually reversing the flow of greenhouse gases. Sounds revolutionary? That’s because it is!

The ClimAccelerator program

Want to be part of the carbon removal revolution? In our nine-months accelerator program, we support you in bringing your CDR ideas and technologies out of the lab into reality to access one of the impact and business opportunities of the century. Join other CDR pioneers and profit from our unique program:

Focus on CDR only

There is no shortage of challenges in the fight against climate change – and each one is different. As the first accelerator program focused solely on CDR, we cut through the noise and help our teams address issues specific to the CDR space. We focus on direct atmospheric carbon capture through technology and nature. Please consult our CDR page for further details.


In the early stages of a startup, a little money can go a long way. That’s why we provide funding to our teams which can be spent as they see fit, be it on product development, research, customer acquisition or operations.

Science matters

Building products, technologies and companies takes time – a resource that is scarce in the fight against the climate crisis. By systemically validating solutions with experts from ETH Zurich, TU Delft and beyond, we want to ensure we spend the little time we have on solutions that can deliver real and significant climate impact.

Ecosystem engagement

The CDR space is nascent and evolving quickly. We help you make sense of this emerging ecosystem and connect you with the relevant players to help you succeed. Want to engange with an assessor for Stripe’s recent CDR purchases? A big corporate CDR procurer? Carbon markets and verification experts? Carbon Capture technology providers? We’ve got you covered.


With Munich Re and ERGO, the teams have the chance to partner up with insurance players of global reach and experience in working with impact entrepreneurs. Since 2017, the insurance group has supported 25 aspiring startups through a dedicated Corporate Innovation Program with EIT Climate-KIC. This time around, their financial support, expert mentorship and guidance will focus on CDR, where insurance expertise is greatly needed.


Our startups